Alice Angel is a charater from Bendy and the ink were she is in love with bendy


  • She has been vomited on 2 times bye boris
  • She was almost carved bye boris
  • She dazes off also she does`nt rember doing those atcions
  • She said diamond rain alot witch cracked Eric up
  • She knows bendy does`nt have bones since hes made of ink she chould of made bendy unconises due to his head being the only thing exposed from the tar
  • Due to some unkown voodoisme (proboly cussed by sammy) she feels anything susan feels
  • She helped sammy with his first date with susan
  • she is very demandit
  • She can beat bendy unto submmison
  • Might like bendy dancing as she put a tutu on him and called him the little dancing demon

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