Bendy is the main atagonist of Bendy and the Ink Machine in which he kills Sammy and tires to kill henry

He is in love with alice angle he likes to eat pre made cookies and cake.


  • He owns a convertalbale
  • He was hit with the following monkey wrench powder ect
  • He dos`nt like boris interfearing in his pourposeal but this always fails due to alice not paying attion.
  • He has broken leg
  • He is getting annoyed with boris
  • He dos`nt like spice
  • He has a survallence camrea
  • Every holiday is a distaster
  • He has been warshipped by Sammy Lawrnce
  • He had headphones
  • He has to expline everything to boris
  • Hes apprently has a metal pipe in his car
  • Bendy might be insane when around henry as he will not leave henry alone sugesting that he might of losse sanity when talking to henry as he needs Build our machine to make him stop bothering him
  • Build our machine is his favorit song as he instantly puts on his headphones he also likes devil`s swing,and horror show
  • Bendy is shown to be mischeviose
  • He chould have some past issue with henry inloveing the ink machine
  • Hes been tortured the most (prolby)
  • Its been on conforimed by eric that he always goes back to smile after talking if hes in a good mood if hes in a bad mood or does`nt feel well and has a bad feeling then he does`nt go back to smileing
  • Hes been ran over by boris and alice this made him unconsies
  • Sammy said that bendy gets rage when playing mario cart
  • According to sammy bendy cusses at everyone befor slamming the door
  • Bendy does`nt want alice to see something
  • He recored 5 cesset tapes
  • Its been showen bendy gets in inpatient
  • Bendy gets up at 5:55
  • Bendy relvaled that he ca`nt swimg good du to being short so he needs a floaty
  • Hes scared of skeleton


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