This my Bendy and the ink Machine song

Lyrics Edit

Bendy its Bendy Bendy hes a slendy devil who danced the life way he had a friend named Boris however he became retarded and Alice dumped him and the ink decay

The Ink dripps down on the old workshop

where he roams the halls

Sammy Lawrence whats gonna happen to me and im i a sheep?

Sammy Lawrence Bendy will set us free

Alice your insane but sexy how do do it how do you do it

Boris whos eating Hamsters its you its poo

Joey Moey Chewy WTF is wrong with you you wanted to be right in the world

I see the ink fading, decaying its flooding and turning into blood





Ink Machine



I see a thing its Bendy he used to dance on the screens we all watched and enjoy playing music however when the cheers become boos Bendy has to change to scare em all to die

night night Bendy is comming down the halls

good bye Bendy is peaking around the corner

bye bye Bendy killed ya

Bendy its the Ink drives you crazy

build that machine with that wrench on a bench

Bendy its the ink machine

the ink machine

ink machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Credits Edit

  • Made by GloriouslyBlonde
  • TheMeatly Bendy and the Ink Machine

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