There was a little deliv darling who was made out of ink and we was on the screen then on day he came to reality

Bendy was off of the screen and into our world and hes hear to cause caos

There was a man nammed sammy lawrence he has was made of ink

Sammy he will set us free

you think you can cut him down now the ink is pouring down

Bendy was walking down the house and then spotted boris dead

He heard a voice and followed it

Thr ink is pouring down

Henry omg its acctual you bendy

Sammy bendy hes a traitor like joey kill him and free me hes a sheep

Henry what I`m not a traitor

This is not your imangation

the ink is pouring down

flooding the halls into alice`s room

Becuase its bendy and the ink machine

Credits Edit

Song made by Eric

BATIM TheMeatly

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