Cole Club is American Professional Wrestling Stable that is singhed and debuted to Extreme Hardcore Backyard Wrestling.

Cole Logo

Formation and Adam Cole Leadership (2017-present) Edit

beofore a Stable tag team match the Cole Club debuted with a new theme Alex Cole debuted them. Comet damanded the ACP join and left

Members Edit

Nickname Name Leader In Stable Dates Tag Team (non stable)
Black Sun Alex Cole I February 4, 2017-present None
Athletic African Junyua N/A February 4, 2017-present None
Star Drew Young N/A February 4, 2017-afebruary 16, 2017 Space Voyagers
Halley's Comet N/A February 4, 2017-March 1, 2017 None (left)
Hard to Crack Havoc N/A February 4, 2017-present None
Japaneese Kicker Osaka Iishi N/A February 4, 201- present None
Alien Orbit N?A February 16-presents Space Voyagers

Finishers Edit

  • Cole Kick (Knee Ensaguri) (Alex Cole)
  • Comet Fire (standing 350 elbow) (Comet)
  • Star Splash (middle rope splash) (Drew Young
  • Vacuna (Handspring Moonsault) (Junyua)
  • Spike Hammer (swinging axehandle) (Havoc)
  • Osaka Kick (running roundhouse) (Osaka Iishi
  • Obrital Strike (360 Splash) (Orbit)

Tag Finishers Edit

  • (all) Shot'em (superkicks)
  • Space Race (super kick (both) dropkick (both)

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