David is a stick fiugar who has many jobs like brooklyn guy for SML he also gets angry for some resone at costmers


  • Dora (Wife) there husadand and wife currently in spain
  • Pencile When pencile asked for cakes at the heath market he yelled at her
  • Thegang ok ecxpte for needle becuse she slaped him and tried to molset him
  • Match same thing as pencile
  • Flower There friends


  • He is the only one bsides pillow grassy Pie TD and rocky to have a job excpet he has many jobs
  • It` unknown if he works at the supermarket
  • He is good at juggleing as shown when he had Pin`s Limbs
  • He carries a shot gun and has used it a few times this is simleary to Td`s musket
  • He is the only charater who has left goinky to go to spain

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