These are easter eggs in randomess world

Bendy Cardboard Cutouts Bendy thinks sammy has a weird fetes twards him as they are seen through out the warehouse
Posters Seen thought out agin the most noteable is sammy`s and joeys posters that they have
Spare masks Seen when sammy is missing his orginal mask most noticeable is the one one the floor
Bendy`s laptop Seen in vaiarity of places
Boris`s toys Seen in vairty of places
Sammy always drinks coffie Its unkown how he drinks with his mask
Bendy`s headphones Seen in bendy`s room and recording booth
Bendy`s secreat room Never seen only bendy knows the pass coad
Pets Boris and his former pets are a reference to Jeffy's Pet
Milk Duds, M&Ms and Skittles Alice has beens een eating them
Hidden Camreas Seen in bendy`s room and bathroom
Sammy`s sketches Seen on his desk
Adventure Time Notes
Loot Sword Seen in tree fort
sniail Seen hideing
Unkowns snake seen in the candy kingdom
Disney Princesses Notes
Photo of Anna in the living Room
Painting of a beast in Bell's room
Leafy door mat outside

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