This is a acrtiacl about bendy and everyone

Boris Edit

Bendy does not like boris that mutch as boris wants to do wear shit to bendy

Enimes (Bendy`s side)

Alice Angel Edit

Bendy likes alice alot he has a crush on her excpet he does`nt like it when she says random things witch creeps him out

Friends (love intress)

Sammy Lawrence Edit

Bendy did not like sammy at first but now hes beging to get confratable with sammy


Joey Drew Edit

Bendy and joey are good friends as seen when ever they talk to eachother


Henry Edit

Bendy likes henry he belvies that he and henry are good friends

Friends (Bendy`s side)

Goldilocks Edit

Bendy hates goldilocks so mutch he wants to kill her


Gallery Edit

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