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Ice Cube BFDI

Firey and Icy

Firey loves to play with Icy despite attempts she think Firey will hurt her

Leafy and Icy

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Leafy and Icy like each other Leafy cares for Icy meanwhile Icy is relies on Icy

Teardrop and Icy

at first Icy loved Teardrop to her ammsument later she go scared of Td and her vocals recently TD loves to tourture Icy

Rocky and Icy

They have not ineracted much but she is terrifed of him

Bubble and Icy

Icy dosent like Bubble period
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Ruby and Icy

Icy is terrifyed of Ruby evere sonce she was HOME ALONE with her she has ben scared of him

Puffball and Icy

she is scared of Puffball she think Puffball will eat her

How the Gang are trying to end this

The gang is taking turns playing with Icy to end her fear and her trsut issues
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Ruby Check It Eyebrows
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