Sammy hates boris so mutch he wants to kill him he often avoids boris as he fears boris whould try and pull of his mask They have gained some heat notalot

Minor Enimes (Sammy`s side)


Sammy are good friends while they were still humans sammy found it diffitcult to work when he put distractions often leading to sammy attacking joey in a 5 ft radias now that there ink monsters there good friends not heat



While he was still a human sammy and henry were not the best of friends as henry will distract sammy from work as the ink creauter he is he is good friends with henry they barley interact

Friends (Sammy`s side)

Susan Cambell

Sammy has a crush on susan he does`nt know shes dead there friends cand there dateing

Friends (Love intress)

Alice Angel

Sammy and alice are good friends as sammy allowed to alice to stay with him after her house bunred down Alice is helping sammy get in a realtionship with susan Friends


Sammy is Friends with bendy but sammy has a weird fetesh with bendy has he made fan fics and layed cardboard coutouts everywere They have no heat



They barely interacte

Friend possobely (unkown)


Wally and and sammy have some heat due to wally forgeting his keys sammy has attacked wally in the past

Minor Enimes


  • Sammy does`nt have heat with joey,bendy,alice,susan,and norman
  • He only has heat with boris and wally


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