Firey 27

Fiery is the winner of BFDI but in TDILOBFDI he is on a diet by Leafy he is also one of many to go to diffent places althougt he won dreamisland Leafy stolet so tenchily he did`nt win anything


  • Leafy (love insteaste) he is in love with leafy by that he has a crush on her
  • Icy there nutreal kind of
  • Fruit Kebab when he pick it for amidmight snack
  • Others never intracted
  • Flower there emineis because he is consonly punt kicked by her
  • Coiny (Arch enimey) they constoanly slap echothoer


  • He is on a Diet
  • trys to bonde with Icy
  • He is the only charater who has`nt really interacted with other peole althoug he talked to bubble a bit
  • He goes to yoga with leafy
  • He is kinda of a teen porpoly like idk 4 5 8 year old
  • He has gone to the most loctaones the following muesmue park Pin`s jog trail and the fair ect
  • He is the only one (expte leafy) that is on a diet
  • He has tried Bonding with Icy
  • his new pose is a gif
  • Hes allergic to peppers its currnelty unkown what happens if he eats a pepper
  • He has a losseing streak in tic tac toe


Firey's Love for Icy

Firey has gained a love for Icy he knows if he harms her he is dead he also wants Icy to be safe and wouldnt want to harm her or drink out of her he just cares and plays with Icy IDK if het gets hungry and or thirsy maybe some snacks?

what dosent make sense is if Firey hates water then why isnt he scared of Icy because if she melts over him he'll die