Harcore Rules is can upcomming EBHW pay-per-view on June 18.

Matches Edit

Match Stipulation Title Match Notes
Comet vs Gamer SIngles Match No No.1 Contender Match
Officer Donut vs Sky High Singles Match No
La Eiffel vs Dog and Puppy (c) Tag Team Match Yes For EBHBW Tag Team Championships
Bombtastic vs Naga Singles Match No
Hound/w Essay vs Groom/w Bride (c) Singles Match Yes For EBHW United States Tag Team Champioship
Alex Cole vs Emo vs Clymatic vs Iron Crusher vs Bombtastic vs Dream Catcher Get the Star Match No Grants No.1 Contender shot
Comet vs Exterminator/w Little Snack (c) Singles Yes For EBHW Championship
Lunatic Fringe vs Nahahsi Submission No Sleeper and Choke holds are banned

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