Icy's scared condition is a unkown condition Icy has here is the list of what the condition

  • The Trust of 1 person it's unkown if this is becauseof the condition or Leafy gained Icy's trust during BFDI
  • Hiding Icy used to not hide until after BFDI so it is the condition Icy simpally hides when she is not around leafy she usally either comes out when she thinks Leafy is their is it is safe other than that they have to fish her out or Ruby has to find her
  • Crying Icy usally will cry very intsenly due to her condition
  • Quivering Icy will quiver due the condition she constantly dose it unless in Leafy's sight or somwhere near Leafy
  • Screaming Icy usally screams ahhhhhhhh! at anyone who she is by execpt Leafy