Kevin Iron Crusher better known bye his ring name Iron crusher is an american professenole wrestaler from PitsBurgg PA were he is teaming with his brothers as a member as a part of the A.C.P.

Extrem Hardcore Backyard Wresling 2006 - Present

Iron Crusher Made his officle deute in 2006 were we was a domanite force stoping every on in his path were he beated formal friend/rival Bombtasic he partidtapated in a three night tornamed to crown a new ETBW Championship he was elimanated bye alex cole.

A.C.P 2017 - Present

On Febuary 4th 2017 iron crusher appered attacking alex cole along with his brothers to form what is known as the A.C.P aka Anti Corruption Protection were they plan to whip out the cole club and turn them back into little faceboox whimps Iron Crusher along with his brothers defeated the cole club after a betrayle?


Iron Crush (2006 - 2017)

Iron Foundry (2017 - Present)


Hard times (2006 - 2015)

Molten Metal (2015 -2016)

Hard times V2 (Januray 8th - December 30th)

Hard Metal (December 30th - Present)

Steel Foundery (Febuary 4th - Present used as apart of the A.P.C