Jack Royland is a teenager of the age 16 were he is under devleupmental training.

Life outside of Japan Edit

Jack was born in washington D.C were we spent most of his time palying basket ball after his father and mother died of cancer he took their millon dollar fourtain and move to japan

Monster Hunter 2011 - 2014 - Present Edit

After a random person was brutally slaugtered bye a nigh grimlin jack stared slaying monsters until the mutant Fish creauter was created he stoped until 2017 were monsters and events are happing he slays monsters sometimes he eats eaten hold and alive often with muggernuts or mugkoanuta he is often found covered in green,red,blue,Light blue,yellow,and even pink blood

Training 2015-Present Edit

Jack was took under Master Vocaloid`s wing were he trains with Hatune every week day.

Fightings styles Edit


Raging Dragon/RageaDragona

Blood Thristy Tiger/BloodaThristaTiga

Wepones Edit


Suma Lost in space

Cross Bow

Razor Katana

Tiger claw and Dragon fang knuckles

Gear Edit

This is gear in Jack`s jacket in and out

Pocket Knife



Rope spear snaped while esacping the rocky river


Green mist used for diffacult suitorations

Other stuff Edit

Bow staff

Kendo stick


If you do`nt like Jack go check out his partner Hastune Miku

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