Jason Vorhees more commoly know as jason is the main of the friday the 13th movies from part 2 - the remake the orginal was jason`s mom pamlea and a paramedic

Origins Edit

Jason was a deformed chiled but he drown in camp crystal lake this caused his mom Pamela Vorhees to go into a rage she when on a killing spree until alice hardy chopped her head off with a machtea but jason witness this and took his reveng ten or 5 years later he now stalks traspassers inculed the panick loge residens beging with alice to vicki

Masks Edit

Jason wore a blurp sack until he switched to his iconic hokey mask

Part II Edit

Jason in part 2 wore overalls he when on a kills spree


  • Alice
  • some cop
  • Ralph
  • Scott
  • Terri
  • Mark
  • Sandra
  • Jeff not jeff hardy
  • Vicki
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