The Kawaii Girl are a specieas of domestitcated human teenage girl that can only age up to19 they are very common in japaneese homes as they are very KAWAII!.

Types of Kawaii Girl Edit

Normal Kawaii Gril Edit

The Normal Kawaii Girl are very commonly bought and sold at the Kawaii Girl Shop they are very sensative to anything they have similar mine set of Icy. they cannot talk japaneese or english instead they make random noises "nei" being the common noise they can also scream and they cannot fight they instead push on the person that is taking them away they are never used to one area even if their or 200 years as the wild varients move freely and act like Bunnies they adore Hastune.

Painted Kawaii Girl Edit

The Painted Kawaii Girl is a type of Kawaii Girl that are painted they come in like koi execpt they must 19 to be legally painted the yin-yang one can speak english.

Master Vocaloid's Kawaii Girls Edit

Master Vocaloid collects Kawaii Girls and own them he takes good care of them he has an abundence of Normal Girls he often mistake Hatsune has a Kawaii Girl he tends to food them food depending on what they choose.

Trivia Edit

  • Normal ones are very sensative and dont like being held
  • Their is a Mom and a Dad that make Millions by selling them when they are 15
  • Some Americans bye them
  • Wild ones are owned by a troll
  • Accourding to Mordci they are annoying and usless
  • Hatsune has to do mainteince in their every saturday-sunday her off work days
  • they are farmed and then sold

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