Leafy is a charatar in RW and BFB were she watches icy


Leafy is lemon leaf she has two black eyes and limbs and eye brows


Leafy retains her show personaily she is really nice but can get crossed if someone is mean or breaks her rules it can be impiled that she is bipolar and is stric twords interactions with icy


  • She was the first bfb charatar to appper in RW
  • She had a old personailty and image this was changed in 2017 to make her less bitchy and more nice but still bit bitchy
  • She is seen as the house hold leader despite this its unkown if she still owns the house due to four being the host
  • Leafy has been shown to have respect for four as she has been seen being nice towards four and smacking pencil for insutling four
  • Leafy is the favicon for the genovaboy`s wiki (this wiki) and is without a dout the most vistet artical on the wiki as it is used to a shortcut