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Leafy is a charatcter and runner up from BFDI she was voted for to BFDIA but was DQued from BFDIA due to her absence! in The DINTLBFDI she became a health nut and put Firey on a diet she is friends with evreyone she lives with however she is beggining to become neautral with Bubble.


  • Leafy has an unflavorizer
  • Her current status is unkown
  • She has a rage meter
  • She dosen't always protect Icy,though this is know more common
  • She can put Icy in a high chair the corret way
  • She is the most moodyist charater sometime usaly its david
  • Is Clausterphopic
  • Is 30 years old 39 in plant years she is the thrid oldest charater David beging second oldest the anonccer being the oldest at the age of 1000000000000000000000 years old david id 45
  • She hates pulling weeds
  • Leafy is getting annoyed wih Icy's reliyince on her
  • She has attempted scuidcuide
  • she wears earphones when she sleeps
  • She has said she t loves Icy
  • She is about to reach a limit that she can no longer tolerate bubble
  • She loves to watch animale docomentrys for peace
  • Her favoriot show is Heaves Kitchen
  • She can get annoyed with Icy
  • She made a cameo along with icy in the day inthe life of I.I
  • She Killed her family and ate them O_O
  • She wants icy to get used of her feonca firey
  • She is beggining to become inpatient with icy
  • She wants Icy to eat more food
  • She is dumb and needs to be more respectful and she will ahve Icy by her all the time
  • She does not like bubble at all that changed because bubble changed her ways
  • Her artical is the most visted because it is thone clicked on the most
  • She is over protective of icy
  • She collects yoyleberries desipite collecting them she has`nt been seen eating yoyleberries
  • When she does eat yoyleberries that will mark the frist time she eats anyhting unhelathy
  • She has win streak in tic tac toe
  • She also has very stric rules

(Eric) Thererys

  • She Built the second summit of yoyle mountian