Early life Edit

Master volcaloid grew up in america in 1973 he when to japan after his father died in 2003 we later moved to japan .

Sensi 2015-Present Edit

Master volcaloid later took hatsuine me ku and jack royland under his wing were he buts them on a scheuluel and cerfew everyday mon - fri (sometimes).

Old age 2010-Present Edit

Master vocaloid is a every old man at the age of 30 he needs glasses and a walking stick he is a pervert striping kawii girls nude also takeing phots of hatsune in the shower.

Fighting style Edit

Old wise man/shoulku noku

Rich as fuck/Richa sa fuock

Wepons Edit


Walking stick severs as energy blaster and a sword

Pervert acts Edit

  • Spying on hatusne
  • Riping her clothes off
  • Toutching her boobs and but
  • stripping kawii girls
  • toutching their boobs and butt

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