Mordici or Mordi-ri is what he wants to becalled is the leader of the shadow clan/ legon of shadow and a 23 year old man.

Origins Edit

Mordici`s origins are unkown but the stuff uncovered is that he is not a human he is made up of evil shadows and dark matter forged and created in space he after the tier 110 spaceship/1xx1 hit a meteor it crashed landed on earth in japan he was the only survivor as his creater and captain and crew were killed he consumed their blood and estabish a base.

Obbestion with killling the Vocaldoid team/Legion of Shadow Edit

After makeing a base he encounterd an early version of hatsune befor vocalid trained her he tried to kill her since then he stared an army and even bought a kawii girl and turnded it evil he became obbested with trying to whip them out.

Presumed Dead/Ambush attempts Edit

After a huge battle in tokayo he almost accepted defeat until he teleported to his lair he wants to remain hidden until the time is right with clones assasns ninjas and a robot cyborg to kill them all.

Wepons Edit

Robot claw

Bost staff

Srg.Rex Tier 100000000x1

Soul Katana

Ablities Edit

  • Teleportation
  • Soul Steal
  • Morh

If your to scared check you Master Vocaloid

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