Mythical Lab is a series and a fictional company that houses mythical creatures such has ghost and mermaids the staff their shown are

Staff Edit

  • Darren the founder and owner
  • Todd Co-Owner and creature supervisor

Creatures Currently Housed Edit

  • Jacob a teenage werewolf who is naked and constaly poled at by Todd
  • Allyson a young 20 yearold mermaid who is use of her enclosure and is constaled stalked for sushie and as a sex object
  • Unnamed Fairy a Fairy constantly used as an ingredient for whitch brew and loves pudding
  • Unnamed Pixie a Pixie who loves grapes abd fairy meat
  • Business Dragon he constanly reads up on how to prepare mermaid the right way
  • Pheniox a bird that came from ashes he wants to eat the fiary
  • Patrick Swayzes Ghost a ghost that chills is drunk

Removed creatures Edit

  • Merman after Allyson got to violent with him he was eventually removed due him constanly being in a ball of poop

Future of Mythical Lab Edit

The building has expandes Todd has had thoughts about closing it down due to buget issues in the past and the fact he is debt.

Due to The Genovaboys being busy the seris has been on haiatus.

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