Pickle labled as the most ingured on is a charater in the day in the life of bfdi were he takes care of taco when he gets the chance he often does gymastics with paintbrush but he often gets distacted bye gorcies.


  • Running Gag: is eye is often getting injured and has to were an eye patch like leafy from the day in the life of bfdi excpte there no black eye instead
  • He gets offended when peinal food is talked about
  • He hates doing constint gymastics
  • He apprently has juice in him its unkown how he got the juice
  • He apprently drives taco every were
  • He can apperntly trick taco
  • He made a cameo in the day in the life of bfdi along with taco
  • He is the most injured charater along with lightbulb and bomb
  • He likes to stay hydradid
    • Hes getting annoyed with paintbrush