Pin was a normal pin until jesesue sneezed and a bell rang now she is a perma angel



Her and leafy are good friendsf from bfdi ep1-ep25

Bubble her andbubblle are just good friends


IDK not mutch interationg lately


Her best friend they often fly togther


  • She had a broken ankle once
  • she was once married to needle as a prank from TD
  • the cares for Icy along with leafy TD needle
  • She is allergic to purple snow
  • She has bladder issuses
  • Pin is the only charater to be truly white
  • Befor Eric changed it he used a creey white pin image in witch has been forgteen but he still has the image
  • she is the only angle in the seris
  • she is very smart and kind often seen with needle and teardrop
  • she has a crush on coiny and nickle but she loves coiny more becuase they have more stuff in common
  • Pin secritly owns a tazer but this kept hidden
  • she loves clouds
  • her favoirt food is chicken noddle soup as seen when she was sick
  • she is the first charater to be sick
  • and she is the first charater to have gif leafy is the second one
  • She is the first charatar to have artical her is thefirst artical overall


Angel Pin