Proctector of your life is an upcoming song sang bye bow to show her why she is to protective

Lyrics Edit

Marshallow you want to know why i`m protecting you so mutch hit it

Now that i`m alive agin it just you to feel safe for I perish agin i`m not trying to hurt you you can play with kumqaut she`s perfectly safe so you know i`m the proctector of your life I just want you to be safe befor I die agin then your stuck with the useless blob of dough you might never see me agin I just want spend some qulity time with you you should know I`m the proctector of your life its i`m not trying to lmit you to just one room you can do anything you just make me feel warm inside I just want you bye my side so just under stand I`m yourrr protector of your lifeeeeeeeee!

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