Ruby`s evil tiwn or RET for short is a charater who is currently deaceast the is the last sister of ruby and is the only one currently dead besides poo who has yet to apper her only goal is to kill ruby for good but thats hopeless because she has a recovery center


When she tried to kill her sister she was crushed by an anvil killing her permalently


  • Ruby sister
  • Bubble there emimeis
  • TV there arch emeimeys


  • She is the only perma dead charater it`s unknow if she will returne poroly not
  • She is the only charater to be crushed
  • she is the only evil charater it unkown with bubble
  • She is a ghost but will not become a nussens do to a huge dislike from douglas she will only apper when bubble contacs her about begin evil and life and hell
Old Ruby