Ruby and Puff ball are good friends and often play

(Ruby)She is a formor freesmart member she is colorblinde and is atticted to a gameboy color

(Puffball PB for short)She is Rubys best friend she is often seen coloring


  • They lived with book
  • Ruby has good eye sight
  • Puffball is often annoying fries
  • they have constent snowball fights
  • they both have some hobbies
  • It`s Unkown how Puffball became obbestbes with coloring
  • Ruby has alot of sister the following Poo (mentioned) sapphire emarld peridot and REHT(dead)
  • Ruby`s Mind sometimes gose blank making ruby not understanding things
  • Puffball is sesative to some things
  • Ruby is the first charater to been seen climbing a ladder the only other person to do this was metal leafy
Ruby Check It Eyebrows
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