Sammy`s warehouse is a warehouse owned by sammy lawrnce were it holds items its also habited by joey bendy alice boris and henry.

Warehouse befor Sammy moved in

The warehouse is a adandon warehouse with four floors

the warehouse was a tourist atteaction.

Present day

After his revila by searchers tosseing his remaines into the ink machine sammy needed a place to live he saw a warehouse it was perfect today its in good contiton


Frist floor Outside Second Floor Third floor Firth Floor Extra Extra Continued Unseen Unseen Countinued
Lobby Garden Bathroom Boris`s room Sammy`s room Basement Random Fish Tank Bendy`s secret room Ink Machine switch room
Living room Backyard supplie room Alice`s Room Sammy`s office Attic Boriis toys Attic Pump room
Kitchen Frontyard key room Joey`s room Joey`s office Sammy`s stress relive room Henry's safe room Basment Spare pipe room
Basement stairwell TBA Bendy`s room Second suppli room Keys to the basemnt room (covered in ink) Sammy`s spare mask`s room Bendy`s Secret room Sammy`s axe room Fallout shelter
TBA Roof TBA Gauge room TBA TBA TBA TBA Boris`s Secrecte room


  • Sammy`s office has a poster saying bendy and the warehouse
  • The Ink Machine is in the basment
  • Sammy`s key room is flooded by ink
  • The power runs on ink
  • Sammy`s spare mask room has his masks of bendy cutouts
  • The attic has Sammy`s old work clothes
  • Sammy`s desk in his office has a old photo of his human form
  • The Basement is flooded along with other flooded rooms proobly from the ink machine