Shhhh its ok now -sammy talking to bendy

Sammy is seen in traffic looking for a female scariface know that bendy can hear hi he plans to kidnapp him a bring him to safefty so we can turn him into "bendy" so he can scarife henry to him to be free and then get bendy to kill joey drew Hes now a good guy and is mainly seen with joey


  • He is unlike his game self he has plans to kill joey drew
  • He wants to kill bendy`s frend so bendy can know hes helpless
  • He is the only charater to be seen obbesed with a serntant goal unlike daisy hes has one goal
  • He wants joey to see whos laughing now
  • He was so close to turning bendy into the ink demon
  • He lives in a warehouse
  • He gets made at anyone excpet joey and bendy for going inti his office
  • He conciders his office his privet room
  • He calls DA hispster and Fandroid robot
  • He forgotten what his human self looked liked
  • He is going on dates with susan
  • He gave wally a low blow