Steve the eye is a floating eye that talked until he was crushed my TV accarently during a malfuntion until 1 - 19 - 17 we was not mentioned or heard of but he is a ghost and with contiun to be apart of the day and lif of bfdi as a ghost along with RET.


  • Evil the evil form is a green red version of steve
  • good/friendly is pretty version of steve
  • Ghost (Current) it is steve appering weeks later to haunt TV for all entierty


  • RET wife there married but in hevhell amixed bettween heaven and hell
  • TV good friends now enimeys


  • He was crushed
  • he is a ghost
  • the only eye
  • he only inracted with remote one the only one to barly inrtacte period just beating Teardrop and firey and pencil
  • He is not steve from minecraft