This will the Genovaboys TNA results and matches will go.


Match Match Type Notes Winners Rating
Kazarian vs Jay Lethal Singles Match If Lethal Looses he has to retire from professional wrestling Kaz 6/10
Bully Ra/Aces&Eights vs Samoa Joe Lethal Lockdown If either Joe or Ray wins they will get an X-Division titile shot Bully 5/10
Chris Sabin vs Ultimo Dragon Singles Match Champion V Career Sabin 7/10
AJ Styles vs EC3 Ladder Match If AJ looses EC3 will get his "phenomenal name in TNA and AJ will be called the Weakling AJ 8/10
Snuka,Daffeny and Ariel vs the Beautiful Peopole Angelina Love,Madison Ryne and Velvet Sky 6-women tag Beautiful Peopole 5/10
James Storm/Bobby Rhoode vs Lashkey SIngles Match #1 condenders for TNA World championship Lashley 10/10
"Broken Matt Hardy" vs Suicide Singles Match #1condenders for TND X-Divison Championship Hardy 10/10
Snuka vs the Beautiful Peopole Strecher Match If Snuka looses she will not recive a titile match at Delete the Halls Snuka! 7/10
Alex Shelly vs Matt Morgan Singles Match If Shelly looses we will have to give up all title mathes for the rest of 2016 Morgan 3/10
Robbie E vs Rockstar Spud Ladder Match Hair vs Hair Spud (shaved bald anywway) 4/10
Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aires (c) Street Fight For the TNA World Titile Hardy 10/10