Tear drop is a female constent of bfdi and bfdia but in the day and the dilobfdi she has goten vocals she is member of yoylewood she is the lead singer and guiraris


  • Leafy Her and leafy have barly interacted so it`s pretty nutreal
  • Bubble there good friends
  • Grassy her and grassy are best friends
  • Icy it`s nutreal
  • Needle and Pin very nutreal
  • Match there friends know but they were`nt when match wanted to take her vocals
  • Eggy is TD best friend olong with grassy TD is there for Eggy
  • Firey and Flower nutreal
  • Pen not mutch interacton


  • She and rocky are the only charaters that live with leafy that acctuly joined yoylewood
  • she appers to be a good prograhmer and elctritan shone when she installs updates and upgrades into TV
  • She is the only yoylewood member who as an office in were she lives
  • She is know for stupid and funny answers
  • She is Douglas's favorate Charatcer!
  • She Is the most evil charater
  • Teardrop might have gone insane and evil due to Bubble's infulence
  • She did not like Icy realying on her when she did not talk
  • She is the only charter to be married
  • and she is the only charater excpte grassy to sing
  • and she is the only charater to be seen with food on their face
  • She is shown to be extremly resilient
  • And she grfirties for advertiseing poprposes (note this is leggal unless you dont have a permit)
  • She has a shakweight its
  • Its been revaled she works out
  • She writes lyrics for her songs
  • She has 20 solo albums


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