The SEcond Basement is a episode of the day in the life of bfdi were it will come out either on june 10th eric has conforimred that leafy and TD will be in the episode so will firey and icy who do not know about the the basement

Charatars Edit

  • Leafy Know whats inside
  • Teardrop Know whats inside
  • Firey Dos`nt know
  • Book Curisoe about whats behaine the door
  • Bubble Wants to move stuff in there
  • Pin Dos`nt know about the door
  • Evil Teardrop
  • Icy
  • Remote
  • Flower
  • Blcoky

Triva Edit

  • Triva its been revialed that 26 bodies were in there
  • EvilTeardrop is a real person
  • TD was on tour for yoylewood
  • Its usaly teardrops work out room

Song Edit

House of Leaves-Kevin machloade

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