Tyler rounse j is anmerican werstiler better know bye his ring name Tropical J

Hawiian Wrestleling 2004-2006 Edit

Tropical J began his wrestilign caree in 2004 as an indie wrestiler in hawiian wrestleing until he lost a get kicked out match along with his brother wicked J.

Extrem Harcor Wresteling 2006-2016-present Edit

In 200 6 j begin his wrestileing caree outside the indies as part of extrem hadcor wrestileing he made his debute at siren craze attacking formor rival emo in 2016 tropical j announced his retirement in 2016 after acomplishing his dream of beating emo in a hawiian death match he contuines to wrestle.

Acompishments Edit

Beating Emo in his last match as a professenal wrestiler

Wining get the star being the only man to win that match

Thems Edit

Love of the blue sky 2004-2006

Turn me down baby 2006-2011

Love of the Pineapple 2011-present

Turn it up 2011-present (use a part of the js)

Finishers Edit

Hawiian drop (360 splash) 2004-2006

pineapple drop 2006-2011

Kawii splash 2011-present

Tiwsted J/Tiwsted Pineapple 2011-present

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