This will the upcomming things will for the genovaboys in 2018

  • chatting on the trampoline
  • WWE and TNA on the trampoline
  • Backyard Wresting
  • Japan Main Wrestling
  • More Snuka vs Beautiful Peopole
  • Food Nation (rarly will be done)
  • Missy and the Cat watching
  • 2K17
  • BFDI
  • MXL
  • Mythical Lab on Trampoline
  • Random Trampoline Stuff
  • Mystery of the White Dot
  • Eric Poops to much
  • Doug's long pees
  • possible sock puppets
  • Pluto on a tarmpoline
  • Extrem Stunts (coming soon)
  • Randome stuff
  • Updates on heath
  • Chrismas Specaile 2017
  • Halloween Specaicle 2017
  • Thanksgiving specaile 2017
  • Bounce chat (coming soon)
  • Holiday Shows (comings soon)
  • Wrestlemania 50:Tokyo
  • Wrestlefest 10
  • Weekly things on the trampoline
  • Trick and tips with Eric Owens ft Douglas (Coming may 10th)
  • Nightly Bounces on the trampoline
  • Disturding ant nests
  • 3:00 am exriaemts
  • DITLOBFDI Halloween special
  • Randomess world Halloween special
  • Something with the wilderness
  • Something with thejoy viruse (proboly not going to happend fuck the joy viruse)

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