Walter nek J is a american professnaol wresiler bett know bye his ring name Wicked J

Hawiian Wreslteling 2006-2007 Edit

Wicked J being his caree in the indies along with his brother tropical j when tropical j left the indies he went solo in 2007 he left the indies

Bull rope wrestling 2007-2007 Edit

Wicked contined to try to reunuite with his brother he wrestleled for bull rope he wresled ten matches befor quiteing.

Extrem Hardcore Backyard Wrestleing 2007-Present Edit

In 2007 on nov 12 wicked j made his debute attacking the all powerful iron crusher he when to a susccesful solo career.

Reunitan of the Js 2008-2016 or 2017 -Present Edit

Shortly after his debut he contiunued on his quest to reunite with his brother tropical j who was doing well in a solo career they reunited at no return annconce his brother has sighed last year in 2017 wicked betrayed his brother this conculed at ultimet power.

Four horse man of the apocolises 2017-2017 Edit

After he lost to death his soul was conquerd he betrayed his brother but he betrayed them after ultimed power after he lost to his brother

Finshers Edit

Haunted spikes 2006-2007

I wish I was a god (306 chokeslam) 2007 -2009

Wicked bomb 2009 - Present

Themes Edit

I was nothing 2006-2007

I whouldent go there 2010 - present (also used as apart of the Js)

Legal issuses Edit

Wicked J has a crimal record has he has been areested 20 times for murder and drugs inculed the 2007 bank robbery were he killed 20 pepole

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